August 21, 2008

SD He Represents.

Was working watching foote of Wes Kremer for a New Jack and found the part above. I like his shit, but what about that cab backtail to bigspin? Mind titillating. And hella booya.

We actually let the domain expire for a minute. We're six years strong and always blowing it, as we always did and do. Holler!

Went lurfing yesterday. That's surfing on a surf board being towed behind a boat. I know. I didn't have the digi with me. I know. But it's pretty much really difficult and exhausting and fucking awesome.

Epicly Later'd Season Two Trailer. Gotta give it to Patrick O'Dell, he's doing some of the best shit in skateboarding right now*.

Extreme has been having dreams about Stemper lately. Seriously?

I'm OUT!

*As long as we are never subjected to an episode about the Wild Ride, ever again.


John said...

thanks for posting my video man

Extreme Ash said...

this is slander

John said...

what the hell is that supposed to mean?