August 25, 2008

Flip Flops and Socks

Be at SLP Park Sunday night at five for some bro-down and taco-up. In fact, go there just for the tacos, they're that good. Then the shit hits the fan with that Red Wave Challenge. Milwaukee or no Milwaukee? Did Tom Rohrer already win by default (you saw Boondoggle right?), is the wave slightly stretched for more shredability? We need answers people!

Oh yeah dude, Boondoggle. The Oak Street Cinema was standing room only; I don't think I've seen it that full for any other premiere. The crowd was super into everything, even a couple of weird and or a bit overly long promos prior to the video. They were good sports and I just say they were overly long before they were. Use the Meyer Rule of Excellence For Promos and have those things 30 seconds max, especially since they were a bit avante garde (or just weird). But funny too, don't get me wrong. Either way the video ripped (fully better than expected and I was expecting it to rip) and you should go to the shop and buy it. Maybe some sort of full review once I get my own copy.

Saturday then pretty much went trans-dimensional when I kicked the soccer ball off the roof and returned with a beer bong. I'm gonna get whoever deflated the air mattress.

So yeah, school starts tomorrow and that's wassup. The dream ain't dead, it's just changing. I can deal.


Anonymous said...

Is there any place online i can get a copy of Boondoggle since i live in La Crosse (Wisconsin) i missed the premiere

PhilmerPhil said...

It will be online soon, stay tuned to this site for details!!