August 7, 2008

Don't Do It To Yourself

There's something so appealing about the look of Hi-8. Gritty and imperfect but nostalgic. I remember when the VX-1000 first popped up with the death lens and all that shit; I was watching a 411 and all of a sudden the clip was way crazer than before...Where's this going again? Not sure. I like how Hi-8 looks, and I like how vivid the VX was, and I'm sick of HD shit in slo-mo almost already. But hey, if I could watch a video of my life in Hi-8...Rambles! Hi-8 butteryness!

Please vote in the poll to the right. I voted for Tall Boys.

I did some emo ass shit the other night; I stayed home and watched a Belle and Sebastian DVD. Tucker on the other hand, is claiming "best night ever." Hmmmm.

Oh, there's some stuff coming up dudes:
Midwest Melee
Calsurf Es Instore
Stereo is coming!

That's about it.

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