August 19, 2008

The Big Pay Back

Hot Damn! We're proud of you buddy. Cha' boy, the skate pixie himself (might have to retire that one nowadays) Davis Torgerson got buck wild at the Brooklyn Banks and done nollie heelflipped the rail there. Link and info via The Surf. I saw him try that over the Saturn 10 rail, but...hmmm. Reportedly, he also came up on 2G's. Now you can pay me back! Sick Aaron Chilen cameo.

Wonder Woman shredding via Hardflip. That was a bitchin' two minutes.

Should the word epic be retired from skateboarding parlance? Maybe that's the next poll. And again, who the hell wouldn't want to bone Uffie? There's like 13 of you...I guess it's your life, if you want to fuck it up, that your business.

Stereo dudes were here last week, and now you re-live it.

Skated downtown during the workday with Tuck today, and it was really really hot. We got 20 minutes in at Pilsbury, and when we finally got kicked out by some early 20 something eastern European chick, who said, "You kids can't skate here," we reveled in the fact that we were probably both older than her. So there!

Chips stopped by Plat HQ today with the deliriously adorable Violet Holtan.

In semi-related news, I also received some brand new Weatha Men lyrics the other day (even with a primer for context):
Monsoon rains in India kill at least 40 people, with flooding heaviest in Andhra Pradesh.

monsoon drownin ya while standin' up
droppin Grade A joints so titties they like G cups
storm frontin in Andhra Pradesh
I turn ya village to an apocalyptic hesh sesh

uhhh, you moan out in pain
red cross red crescent and unicef can't help your fevered brain
broken legs and gangrenous phalanges
per your request i left ya floatin in tha Ganges

wethamen wethamen
killin ya bretheren
wethamen wethamen
killin ya bretheren

-from the upcoming Wethemen album MeatyorLogixxxz

I hear the Weatha Men are playing a show at the Myth. I'll keep you posted.

This'll be interesting, Glue Factory Demo in St Croix Falls. Is that in 'Sconny?

I could keep posting, but then I'd only be enabling you guys.

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DOM said...

That nollie heel was sick!

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