August 15, 2008

Beer Poll Results!

While it should have been called the "Hipster Beer Poll" as Extreme said, the "All Right Pussy, What Do You Drink" poll has some interesting and highly scientific results, as listed above. My breakdown is like this: I usually don't get Coors Light because it's vaguely expensive, I love anything that comes in a big ass can, though I generally do drink PBR, Black Label, Keystone, and when I want to ball out, I do Tecate. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

how come no comments.the mantis are you out there,are you listening?comeback nobody posts any comments anymore and i've never saw hardly more than 5 comments on a topic before you.

Scott said...

No love for Grain Belt or Summit. For shame...where is the love?

P.S. The mantis is a fake.

platinumseagulls said...

I'll drink Premium under duress only. Summit is good on occasion. Fat Cat is extremely horrible.