January 16, 2009



As reported elsewheres, chaboy Malto has a story over with the people that made the X in extreme a stand alone X (right?). Either way, Mr. McGuire shot pretty much all the photos in the piece, so peep it, it's a good read too, and the video is even cool.

Speaking of Sam, he spends all day photoshopping photos, now, for a reason, evidently. The ever elusive Meyer sent this article in about the importance of photoshopping celeb portraits. Or just what the portraits look like when they're not photoshopped. Ok.

If I had myspace and Danknuggzz was a myspace person they'd be in my top eight or whatever. You want to know why? Aside from their inherent awesomeness, well, this, Rep Yo Set Fool. Been on a Star Wars tip lately. Don't let your Tauntaun freeze, it's still hella cold, but not for long.

If you been sleeping, this dude is pretty sick, and then, I know certain people and me too who just need to get our SK8 or DICE on.

So that Notorious movie looks awesome just for the 90's nerdiness of it all and the soundtrack, but then again, (uh oh, nobody likes politics) this Slate review is sort of a downer on the whole first half of my sentence. Dana Stevens probably wasn't hella fuckin' blunted when she watched it though, shit is probably tight as fuck when you're hella fuckin' blunted.

Now that I know people are bummed on Slate links, let's link to Slate again for an update on the so-called "War on Science," and even better, it calls out the American tendency to be anti-intellectual, something that just kills me. If you read that, try and name some scientists, promise you'll bum yourself out.

Dudes that stopped reading after all the Slate talk are bummed because there's hot naked chicks with guns in this link. If you're a kid don't click that link.

Don't blow it: Chud or no Chud: Madonna Edition. I said, "Standard Chud," you can check the transcripts for proof.

What else is on the internet? Even if I have mentioned this already, be sure to peep The Handjob Site because it's back up, and definitely play with the Runin' With The Devil soundboard that Luke linked up, because it'll blow your mind.

Got love for Duluth, definitely going to make it there this summer, hills!

I sat alone in Baja laughing out loud at this shit, true NBA nerd shit, The Onion comes through always. Already Linked: I'd always thought of some mullah doing a frontside invert.

Just recycling shit? Time to post it then...

PS: I'm aware that I failed to mention Open Iris or any of the Roll videos in my poll; apologies where necessary.

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duluth hills make me drool.