December 10, 2008


Kurt Winter makes me wish there wasn't a grip of snow on the ground and he makes Shamil Randle proud with some large switch backside spinners. Watch that shit again! Stolen from The Hesh.

This is turning into a video party post. How hard can one nerd out on a dude doing flat ground kickflips? Hard, the first one that Lizard King does is hella balls out. Amazing.

Pretty much one of the most epic Hulk Hogans ever, that would be incredibly difficult to do. Sam, think Fletcher could handle that? Bonus rippage on that rail Fletch is skating here.

Chris Pfanner Mag Minute rips. I want to skate outside again.

Unused Mariano just slaying, and I really hope that some of you local video virtuosos are going to make a run at that newest Tap contest. It's going to be a long cold winter...

Weed, cobras, and an elbow pad.


More mini-ramp, and now I'm really lamenting the utter lack of summer right now. And I'm holed up in my house dreaming about Mazatlan. And it's getting closer but not close enough and I miss the Handjob HQ ramp and what happened to their website anyways. Answers soon, on the next update of Platinum.


Anonymous said...

when are entries due for that contest? if its after finals then i might give it a shot

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm already sick of winter, give me christmas and then let me hybernate like a bear til spring.